Video witnesses: Honoring the privacy bargain with drivers

Published July, 23 2014

Part 1 of this feature showed the growing prevalence of dual road- and driver-facing camera systems among fleets.


[related-post id=”79881″/]Encroachments on the measure of freedom traditionally offered by the business of truck driving are chief among some drivers’ objections to systems such as those offered by Lytx’s DriveCam and the SmartDrive service.

Prime Safety Director Steve Field says acceptance of the systems is contingent primarily on how well the fleet “explains the use of the cameras.”

Lytx representative Del Lisk notes that fleets that have success making the tool an effective one for collaborative ongoing driving education will work with Lytx to “honor our bargain” with drivers “to be minimally invasive,” given the cameras’ activation only during triggered events.

DriveCam/SmartDrive-type systems have come far enough that they were discussed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee at its February meeting.

A small minority of committee members recommended the systems be considered for unspecified potential regulation. Some members suggested requiring widespread use.

A few months later, Lytx unveiled a company-sponsored study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute that showed use of the dual-camera systems with paired driver coaching protocols potentially could reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes by as much as a third.

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