Volvo breathes new life into D12 engines with guaranteed overhaul program

Published February, 11 2013

Volvo Trucks is now offering a three-year, 350,000 mile warranty for Volvo D12 engine owners who want to increase the longevity of their current vehicles with the Volvo Guaranteed Overhaul (GO) program.

“Volvo’s Guaranteed Overhaul program provides a flexible and economical option for maximizing the life of a vehicle and improving uptime,” said James Chenier, Volvo Trucks vice president, aftermarket sales and marketing.

The Program offers four overhaul programs:

GO Basic – The GO Basic overhaul package for Volvo D12 engines contains all Volvo Genuine parts, filters and fluids needed for an in-frame engine overhaul.

GO Plus – Volvo’s GO Plus option delivers the same benefits of the Basic package, but adds Volvo Reman cylinder heads.

GO Premium – In addition to all the features and benefits included in the GO Plus package, the The GO Premium package provides a Volvo Genuine turbo and injector set and special extended warranty at no cost.

GO Reman Engine – The GO Reman Engine package combines a Volvo Reman three-quarter engine, Volvo Genuine turbo and a set of six injectors, filters and fluids to provide a genuine Volvo remanufactured product offering. This package also includes a special extended warranty at no cost.

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