Trucker gifts abound online

Published December, 11 2008

You may draw a blank when people ask what to get you for Christmas or when trying to remember a trucker friend during the holidays. You might find inspiration from the Internet during the Yule season.

You can peruse truck maker websites, such as, which ships items such as apparel and gifts in three to four days and fills rush orders as well. Or shop truck stops online, such as

The catalog of includes many 12-volt items, such as a 12-volt 60-inch by 30-inch twin size bunk warmer pad on sale for $69.99. Also, has many gifts and accessories, as does

If you like die-cast models, check out When you purchase a 1/43, 1/32 or 1/24-scale die cast model, you can get a name on the doors and a license plate free of charge.

Outside of trucker-specific websites, items aimed at truckers are available on more general sites. At, you’ll find apparel, stickers, cards and trucker slogans aimed at truckers and spouses, girlfriends and children of truckers.

Amazon at offers many categories beyond books, including tools and apparel. Still, it’s amazing how many trucker books for adults and kids are out there. Ditto for trucker movies-Amazon offers “Alfie Darling” (1975) with Joan Collins and “The Gang’s All Here” (1941). Or check out, which includes “Thieves Highway” (1941).

Not every trucker is into Nascar, but if you are, visit for gear, collectibles and other finds.

And if none of these work, you can always choose gift cards, and most stores will mail them as well.