Star Class Gen-Star APUs

Published June, 12 2007

Star Class, Inc., longtime custom-sleeper manufacturer based in New Castle, Pa., is expanding its company-built generator sets into the auxiliary power unit market. The Gen-Star 4500 features a Perkins engine and uses less than a gallon of fuel per eight hours, the company says. It has a six-blade fan, more ventilation for increased air flow, auto shutdown in the event of low oil or water and a two-year factory warranty.

The Gen-Star 6000 features a Lombardini extra-long-life engine, remote oil filter for a longer service interval, a compact design that requires less than 30 inches of frame-rail space for installation and a three-year limited factory warranty. Both APUs run at less than 2000 rpm for quiet operation and, says Star Class owner Eugene Moffat, were designed to be easily maintained. All components are capable of simple replacement by readily available parts, Moffat says. Financing options are available, and the company’s certified dealer/service network is in an expansion phase.

The company has been manufacutring its anti-idling products in various forms since the 1970s, well ahead of the recent boom in the market for APUs.

Star Class, Inc.