Roof-mount A/C unit

Published October, 02 2006

DC Power Solutions offers a new 12- and 24-volt DC-powered air conditioners for vehicles.

The DC Top-Cool high-efficiency roof-mount air conditioning units provide cooling from 6,000 BTU/hour up to 12,000 BTU/hour to let truckers cool their cabs without idling. The DC Top-Cool technology utilizes the starting or auxiliary batteries to power the air conditioner, without running the engine. The unit is equipped with a battery monitor and control that prevents discharging below the voltage required to start the engine.

The completely self-contained DC Top-Cool is easily installed in about two hours, without the need for a certified AC technician – minimizing down time and installation costs, the company says. The unit can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another with minor modifications.

The low profile units, manufactured in North America in an ISO 9001 registered facility, utilize R134A coolant, which meets all ozone protection requirements.

DC Power Solutions