Volvo reports service time improvements

Published March, 29 2004

Standard repair and preventive maintenance times on Volvo VN model trucks have been cut significantly thanks to redesign of the series, says Dwight McAlexander, Volvo Trucks North America’s director of reliability, quality and warranty customer satisfaction.

When the VN, which was introduced last year, was redesigned, the company looked at 500 areas where it could cut time on repairs and maintenance. McAlexander says the company was successful in most of those areas.

A clutch replacement, for example, was a seven-hour job on the old model, McAlexander says. “Now it takes 3.8 hours,” he says. The company made the side fairings easier to remove, moved or changed other components and used a different engine mount to help ease access to the clutch.

Volvo released more examples of time savings at the annual meeting of the Technology & Maintenance Council March 14 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “A lot of customers are measuring the amount of time it takes for a component to be repaired or serviced, and they’re basing their purchasing decisions on that,” McAlexander said.

Repair times, which have decreased by 5 percent or more on most truck components, have gone down substantially on some common repairs. A fan belt, for example, used to take an hour to change because it was too short to be removed without taking off the fan blades. Now a belt can be changed in six minutes.