Volvo announces new truck organization

Published November, 19 2001

As part of its restructuring activity, Volvo announced a new truck organization Nov. 9 that it hopes will maximize the efficiency of its two North American operating units, Mack Trucks Inc. and Volvo Trucks North America.

Mack and VTNA will maintain separate headquarters, each with its own management and all the functions necessary to deliver brand-specific products and services. Several other functions, however, will be brought under common leadership.

Michel Gigou, president and CEO of VTNA, will serve both units in a leadership role. The headquarters for common functions will be located at VTNA headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., although there will be personnel located in Allentown, Pa., to support Mack management.

Volvo named the following personnel to serve the new truck organization:

  • Terrence C. Grube, vice president of legal
  • Goran R. Gustafsson, vice president of customer engineering
  • Sam Johnston, vice president of dealer development
  • Rikard Jonsson, senior vice president of parts sales and marketing
  • Marc J. Kalbermatten, vice president of IS/IT
  • Mark T. McLaughlin, senior vice president of human resources
  • John Mies, vice president of communications
  • Harold W. Wiegel, vice president of customer satisfaction

    All eight officers were previously employed with Volvo and Mack.

    “In addition to helping us address today’s challenging North American market conditions, this new organization will have substantial long-term benefits,” said Tryggve Sthen, president and CEO of Volvo Global Trucks. “It will strengthen both Mack and Volvo as distinct, premium truck brands, offering premium products and customer support, and provide a very competitive structure for future profitable growth in this key market.”

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